The buying Process

When buying a property in Spain, you should definitely not go without an agent. Only the “right” agents on site have the opportunity to obtain all information about the house or apartment to be sold.

The process of buying a house or apartment in Spain:

First of all, you should look at the property on site. A private sales contract is then concluded with you or the buyer. This contract contains the exact information of the property, the address of the seller and the complete payment processing. The contract is written in German / English and Spanish and has full legal force under Spanish law. The down payment of 10% of the purchase price is then due in the next 10 days to the account specified in the purchase contract, so that you as the buyer and the seller are sure that the purchase is perfect and that the purchase object can be removed from the sales market.
Now we will set up a bank account with a bank of your choice or a bank that we can recommend to you. You should transfer the purchase amount to your new bank account, and shortly before the notary’s appointment, which takes place approx. 3 -6 weeks after the purchase date,  this bank will

issue a bank-guaranteed check in your name for the purchase amount minus the down payment, which will ultimately be used for payment when the purchase is accepted by the notary. The seller gets his money, you must have the house keys. From this point on, you are officially the new owner with all rights and obligations. From this point on, you will also be charged the property tax, communidad taxes (garbage, pool area (if available), community electricity, green spaces, etc.) and other taxes. We take care of the entire bureaucratic process such as the re-registration, also for electricity and water, for you.
So as you can see, it’s all very simple! Our office is also available to you afterwards, for example for the annual tax return, which you as a proud homeowner in Spain also have to make.
For this we need a tax number, the so-called N.I.E. Number that actually has to be applied for at the very beginning … no tax number – no notarized house purchase!
To apply for this tax number you have to be present in person.

The application process is as follows:

The application for an N.I.E number is only possible during the week. The applicant must personally go to the police department.
What is required:

a.) Valid identity card
b.) The first names of the father and mother
c.) 1 passport photo, frontal photo, on a white background
d.) The cost per person is approx. 100 euros

If possible, we need a legible copy of ID in advance so that we can make the preparations. A termination at the authority can also be made in this way. There are no longer waiting times. The N.I.E number can be picked up by us at the police authority.

I am happy to answer any further questions you may have!

One-off additional costs when purchasing a property in Spain:

Resale properties – 11% real estate transfer tax and approx. 3% for the notary, entry in the land register and the rewriting for electricity and water contracts, etc.

New buildings – 10% I.V.A. (Spanish VAT), 3% for notary, entry in the land register, new contracts for electricity and water etc.

In Spain the seller or the construction company pays the agents commission and the work with you is our free service for YOU.

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