What are the one-off costs when buying a property in Spain?

As a guideline, you can budget up to 13% of the purchase price, which includes:

• Registration in the Land Register

• Transfer tax

• Notary cost

• Registration of electricity and water contracts

• Consulting cost

If you need a mortgage, there are additional one-off costs that depend on the amount to be borrowed and include:

• Valuator

• Notary cost

• Registration in the land register

• Bank charges

• Mortgage tax

To apply for a mortgage, you will need the following:

• 3 last salary strips or the last income tax return.

• Copy of passport

• Credit approval rating

What are the annual maintenance costs for a property in Spain?

• Basic fee for water and electricity plus billing for consuption based on the respective meter readings.

• Community fees

• Income tax, payable to the Spanish Tax Office

• Property tax, payable to the responsable town hall

• Building and household insurance

For all the above mentioned costs, you should set up a Spanish Bank Account, so that these costs can be easily settled by direct debit.

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