Costa Blanca

What makes the Costa Blanca so special? There is a pleasantly mild Mediterranean climate all year round with over 300 days of sunshine and an average annual temperature of around 19 degrees. Summer, sun, beach and sea …


The climate on the Costa Blanca is one of the best in the world, this has been certified by the World Health Agency “WHO”. The climate is not only particularly good because there are no rapid changes between highs and lows, it is also proven to alleviate diseases such as respiratory ailments, gout and rheumatism. The Costa Blanca is therefore a popular destination for people from all over Europe.

On the Costa Blanca there are fewer than 30 rainy days a year, although sometimes it is only a short shower. The temperatures are still very mild even in winter, because the coldest month has an average temperature of 15 degrees. Nevertheless, temperatures above 32 degrees are rarely reached in midsummer. Summer lasts almost three quarters of the year, so winter is hardly noticeable. Snow is a foreign word and the rain is also limited. Generally there are no large temperature jumps. In the autumn months as well as in winter and spring it is green and blooming all over the Costa Blanca. Over 300 days of sunshine a year are guaranteed and around 3,000 hours of sunshine are measured each year. In the UK it is less than half on average. No matter what time of year the Costa Blanca has the right climate. The coast of the Costa Blanca is green all year round, therefore it is also called


the Orange Coast.The main harvest time for oranges and mandarins is from October to April and the almond blossom is between January and early March. The almond trees bloom light pink and white, that is always a beautiful sight. The Costa Blanca is a green and blooming area. Pure sun, the salt of the sea, the scent of oranges and lemons, the Costa Blanca is simply beautiful.


Get well by the sea! Doctors have agreed since long about the healing properties of the coast and have declared them to be a health resort area with a healthy climate. Living in the best healing climate in Europe on the Costa Blanca is becoming more and more popular. With rheumatism, asthma, chronic bronchitis or skin diseases, you will find the best conditions to become healthy and live more pain-free. Thanks to the mild and dry air, there is even talk of a healing climate that has a positive effect on the heart and circulation, rheumatism and respiratory diseases.

Salt Lake
The salt lakes of Torrevieja and La Mata are something very special on the Costa Blanca. Bathing in the salt lakes is an experience, it has the effect of weightlessness, because the sodium chloride content is up to 180 grams per liter. Particularly in the case of rheumatism, skin diseases, heart problems and respiratory problems, there is a clear improvement in the clinical picture through bathing in the salt lakes.

Sea water
The healing effect of sea water is partly due to the salt. On the Costa Blanca there is at least 14 grams of salt per liter of water. The salt water strengthens and activates the human immune system. It contains minerals with an antioxidant effect such as selenium, silicon and zinc.

Miles of fine sandy beaches and a varied landscape, the Costa Blanca offers everything for a wonderful second home or an unforgettable vacation.

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